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Baking Injera (family-size pancake)

The basic food in Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan is a large, flat, thin type of bread (pancake). It is called injera in Eritrea and Ethiopia. The injera has a diameter of 60 cm in Eritrea / Ethipia, in Somalia 35 cm and in Sudan somewhere in between. Baking the pancake requires a lot of wood.

In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Mr. Bereket has developed a number of solar cooker prototypes, but the right model has yet to be found.
The need to develop an injera solar cooker is urgent because no meal is complete without injera. Ultimately the plan is to be able to set up injera bakeries.

Parabolic reflector under development (Technical school Addis Abeba)

School bakery in Addis Abeba

Electric injera baking

A so-called "injera group” has been set up in The Netherlands: Foundation Solar Cooking , SUPO and Solar Cookers for Developing Countries. A new prototype is being developed in collaboration with others funds and technical support by Mr. Bereket.
At present the following possibilities are being investigated and developed: Schwarzer (Aachen) and further developed model by Rogier Kauw-A-Tjoe; Xavier Devos: The Devos Cooker  and the design by Mr. Bereket in Addis Ababa. Another possibility is a large parabolic walled-in solar cooker by Scheffler: Grupo Scheffler de Mexico.

Wood-saving over for injera.

The women make the oven by pressing clay around the mould.

Light-weight concrete oven mould.

For developments in the fields of solar cookers, wood-saving ovens and other sustainable energy related to the baking of injeras see Inventory by A. Leufkens and C. Thomas

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