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Welcome to Solar Cooking Foundation The Netherlands

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Solar Cooking Foundation The Netherlands implements Integrated Solar Cooking in Africa, in cooperation with NGOs: a solar cooker in combination with a hay basket, a wood-saving cooking appliance and a small water pasteurisation indicator. This allows food to be prepared in any type of weather.

cookit met pan
The COOKIT is a cheap solar cooker in which rice, pasta, lentils, vegetables, chicken, goat, baby food and pasteurised water can be prepared. In bright sunlight the food is ready within 2-3 hours. The CooKit is made of cardboard, lined with aluminium foil. A lightweight 4-litre, flat black painted pan is placed in the CooKit, in a heat resistant plastic bag. 



hooimand en vrouw
Wapi met ketel
oranje houtbesp.kookt
Indicator (WAPI)
cooking appliance
The hay basket is used to finish the cooking process in combination with the CooKit and the wood-saving cooking appliance.
The WAPI is used to pasteurise water in the CooKit.
On cloudy or rainy days, a wood-saving cooking appliance and a hay basket save up to 70% of firewood.

CooKits, WAPIs and hay baskets are made in local workshops.
The local production helps women to improve their position by earning money.
Locally trained women teach other women to cook with ISC.

 "Development cooperation is in fact assisting people in developing themselves. In The 21st century we face the challenge of using durable resources such as the sun, wind, water and biomass to generate energy." This remark was made by Prof. Dr. Herman Wijffels, patron of Solar Cooking Foundation. Read more

Solar Cooking Foundation The Netherlands (SCN) cooperates with partners (NGOs) to implement Integrated Solar Cooking.
Since 2004 SCN has focused on East African countries, mainly on Uganda and Ethiopia and to a lesser extent on Puntland Somalia. In the past we were active in Eritrea as well.

Solar Cooking The Netherlands is happy to share its know-how and contributes to a solar cooking network through this website as well as through training sessions 
for project starters.

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